Divers Shaken By Earthquake Caught On Camera

Earthquake Caught On Camera

Divers Shaken By Earthquake Caught On Camera

The unexpected and breathtaking moment when an undersea earthquake occurred off the coast of Indonesia was filmed by a group of scuba divers. Videos show the divers grasping onto the reef and the sand rushing skyward. On November 8, the scuba divers were at a reef in the Banda Sea close to Central Maluku, based on a series of TikTok videos that @redoyjoy999 posted. Nov. 11, when the initial video was uploaded, the divers are seen swimming around the reef as usual. Fish swim by the camera in a school. A few moments later, the camera suddenly moves. Sand clouds are observed rushing skyward, and many scuba divers can be seen clinging to the reef.

Additionally, the videographer is elevated. The reef is covered in sand below and can no longer be seen.

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia’s Banda Sea on November 8, according to the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Council of that nation. Seven large aftershocks ranged in magnitude from 5.0 to 6.8. The chairman of the council told CNN Indonesia that the earthquakes that occurred in the shallow sea were felt by residents living on neighbouring islands and were triggered by movement in the earth’s crust. On November 12, @redoyjoy9999 posted a second video that depicts the reef after the earthquake. Divers are seen swimming or coming to the surface around the sand cloud.

A close-up of the reef during the earthquake is shown in a third video uploaded on November 13. Suddenly, a significant number of fish swim away from the reefs. Sand shoots up through the spaces between the corals.

The footage shows the diver being dragged by the water as the camera abruptly and violently shifts to the right.

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