Russian Dies In a Resort in Hurghada After Being Attacked by a Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark - Photo by Andi Voeltz at Flickr

Russian Dies In a Resort in Hurghada After Being Attacked by a Tiger Shark

On June 8, a Russian guy was swimming off the Hurghada vacation town in the Egyptian Red Sea when a tiger shark killed him.

Vladimir Popov, 23, is seen attempting to escape as a shark circle and ultimately takes him below the surface in online phone camera footage. The victim received aid from a boat, but its passengers could not assist him.

Witnesses said that the shark continued attacking Popov’s corpse until it was captured in a net and taken to shore by a small boat, where it was put to death by being beaten. Later, the shark’s corpse was taken and was being examined forensically to discover what had caused its behavior, according to a report from Egypt’s Environment Ministry.

The victim’s father, who had been visiting Egypt with his son for a while, had seen his son’s horrific end. Swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities were outlawed after the disaster, which happened off Dream Beach, along a 74-kilometer stretch of the coastline. On June 11, the order is scheduled to expire.

Although such tragic events are uncommon in the Red Sea, it claimed that an Austrian and a Romanian tourist perished after having shark encounters 200 meters apart off the coast of Hurghada last year.

In a later Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association investigation, both deaths were attributed to tiger sharks. According to HEPCA, when the females of the species were enticed into shallow waters during the April to July mating season, they were more violent.

The research also said animal corpses abandoned by cargo ships and boats at sea and food trash thrown by boats and hotels might attract sharks.

A 73-year-old US tourist on an organized snorkelling excursion was bitten on her left calf by a shark the day before (7 June) in the Bahamas as she ascended the stern staircase of the group’s cabin cruiser. She was rushed to the hospital, where her injuries were classified as critical. She had gone snorkelling at a location off Taino Beach in Grand Bahama called Shark Junction.

Shark and ray census worldwide

A fund-raising campaign for PADI AWARE’s planned Global Shark & Ray Census, a worldwide citizen-science initiative focused on safeguarding endangered species, was launched on World Oceans Day (8 June).

PADI AWARE stated that the census would give PADI divers and non-divers “new tools” to help advance important shark and ray marine research, assist governments in monitoring and meeting shark protection goals, expand habitat protection measures, and contribute to the establishment of Marine Protected Areas.   

According to the organization, it is attempting to fund $50,000 to construct the data-collecting technologies required to conduct the census.  

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