Diver Fined for Grabbing Whale Shark in Thailand

The moment the diver touches the whale shark’s tail, recorded by another diver

Diver Fined for Grabbing Whale Shark in Thailand

A scuba diver from abroad faced fines after being caught on video grabbing the tail of a whale shark in Phang Nga province, Thailand. The incident, which took place at the Richelieu Rock site within Mu Koh Surin National Park, drew swift action from Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife & Plant Conservation (DNP), which imposed an undisclosed fine after a tour company reported the event on March 31st.

The video, which spread rapidly on social media, shows the diver tweaking the tail of the protected species, prompting immediate disapproval from other divers on the scene. In Thailand, harming protected animals can lead to severe penalties, including up to four years in jail or fines.

The diver’s behavior, widely criticized online and among the local diving community, led to a broader call for respectful interaction with marine life. Suparat Thoncharoenphong, from the tour company, emphasized the importance of adhering to wildlife guidelines and expressed the company’s commitment to reporting such violations to ensure the protection of marine biodiversity.

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