HMS Thistle, a World War II submarine, found in Norwegian waters

HMS Thistle, a World War II submarine, found in Norwegian waters

After over 80 years on the sea floor, the British submarine HMS Thistle’s wreck has been verified in the seas near Rogaland, Norway.

The Mareano initiative, which is devoted to unlocking the secrets of the undersea world, included the search for the wreck.

Although the wreck was first found this spring, the HMS Thistle’s remnants have not yet been properly identified.

It’s interesting to note that the crew accidentally discovered the disaster while working on a project to map the ocean bottom rather than searching for it. Kjell Bakkeplass, a senior engineer, commented on the discovery.

“I rarely find myself in the video room during these explorations, but my curiosity was piqued long before our submersible cameras descended into the depths. The striking resemblance between the wreck structures we had previously encountered and this newfound discovery is truly remarkable.”

You can check out a video of the wreck below.

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