The UK Shark Fin Ban Is Getting Closer To Becoming Law

Dead sharks without fins - Photo by Sandro Lacarbona at fliker

The UK Shark Fin Ban Is Getting Closer To Becoming Law

Massive Britain is edging closer and closer to outlawing the sale of shark fins there. The parliament approved a private member’s measure to ban the import and export of shark fins last month with a resounding rotten-assemble together to create a stronger vote.

The measure will go through three readings in the House of Lords, and if it passes, it may go to King Charles for “Royal Ascent” and become law. Director of marketing campaigns for Bite-Motivate Shark & Marine Conservation, Graham Buckingham, discussed:“Our goal of ending Britain’s ties with the worldwide shark fin alternate is inner our reach. This country has a glum history of exporting 20 spherical a total bunch shark fins every one year and it remains dazzling to raise up to 20kg of dried shark fins thru Customs without desiring to uncover it. This bill could well picture a major blow to the multi-million-pound shark fin alternate. It’s now all the kind down to the Residence of Lords to soften its route to the palace.”

After the federal government failed to pass its Animal Welfare Bill, which pledged to outlaw the import and export of shark fins, into final legislation for a year, the organization began engaging Labour Party MP Christina Rees, who recommends the most comprehensive member’s bill. Bite-Motivate also developed a briefing packet on the issues for all MPs to reduce support for the measure. The import and export of shark fins should be prohibited, said MPs from various parties during the bill’s final reading in the House of Commons.

In her closing assertion, MP Christina Rees hoped this bill would “power up the standards of global shark conservation.”

According to Bite-Motivate, this may now focus on informing and stirring up members of the House of Lords to vote in favor of a ban.

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