NOAA Has Signed An Agreement To Use Fabien Cousteau’s Proteus Underwater Habitat


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has formed a deal with ocean advocate Fabien Cousteau’s Proteus underwater lab to enhance marine science, research, and teaching.

The Proteus station will be situated off the coast of Curacao and will function as an underwater home where scientists, innovators, private people, the public sector, and worldwide consumers may dwell underwater for lengthy periods to research the ocean ecosystem.

NOAA Ocean Exploration Director Jeremy Weirich said that,

“This partnership has the potential to greatly expand our capabilities in studying the ocean. By living underwater for extended periods in this new ocean laboratory, we’ll be able to unlock the ocean’s mysteries so that we can better manage, sustainably use, protect, and appreciate its resources.”

NOAA will provide access to scientific experts, vessels and other technology, expedition plans and mission results relevant to Proteus activities, as well as access to shoreside facilities and programs across the agency’s mission portfolios of ocean, weather, climate, and coastal science, under the new cooperative research and development agreement. Proteus Ocean Group will provide data and insights relating to the undersea habitat’s development phase.

Proteus Ocean Group’s founder and Chief Oceanic Explorer, Fabien Cousteau, stated:

“On Poteus, we will have unbridled access to the ocean 24/7, making possible long-term studies with continuous human observation and experimentation. With NOAA’s collaboration, the discoveries we can make   in relation to climate refugia, super corals, life-saving drugs, micro environmental data tied to climate events and many others  will be truly groundbreaking. We look forward to sharing those stories with the world.”

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