Software for Mitigating Marine Mammals Has Successful Field Trials

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Software for Mitigating Marine Mammals Has Successful Field Trials

The producer of a recently developed software system for mitigating marine mammals has reported positive results from the first round of field testing.

Oceaneering International produces software which seeks to provide live, real-time marine animal position data. The offshore wind and renewable energy sector may use this ability to lessen and eventually eradicate their influence on these animals.

The field testing took place at the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary in August 2023, off the northeastern coast of the United States. By significantly reducing false positives, which have historically impeded these kinds of operations, the program proved its operational efficacy.

Blanca Montoya, Product Manager at Oceaneering, states:

We are thrilled with the data we gathered at the Marine Mammal Sanctuary field trial, our third for Ocean Perception. We proved that the system could provide novel marine mammal monitoring for wind and other renewable developers while meeting strong regulatory requirements. SMRU’s Cab Guardian Buoy system coupled with Ocean Perception provides disruptive, game changing capabilities that will improve regulatory compliance and increase mammal protection during operations.”

While SMRU Consulting Director of Engineering Paul King added:

“We’re delighted to work with Oceaneering to help offshore wind developers increase operational safety and increase project efficiencies through deploying a real-time, lightweight, cost-effective, battery-powered acoustic buoy system.”

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