NOAA Investigates Unusual Fish Behavior in Florida Keys

NOAA Launches Investigation – photo by NOAA fishries

NOAA Investigates Unusual Fish Behavior in Florida Keys

In an Instagram post, NOAA Fisheries reports that the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is investigating reports of “abnormal” fish behavior in the Lower Florida Keys.

“There are reports of abnormal fish behavior, including spinning and whirling, in the Lower Florida Keys. There have also been reports of fish deaths in these areas—including roughly 30 endangered smalltooth sawfish so far. We’re working with [the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission] and other partners on a first-of-its-kind emergency response effort to rescue and rehabilitat[e] affected smalltooth sawfish.”

NOAA announced plans to collaborate with partners to rescue sick sawfish, transport them to care facilities, and develop guidelines to prevent further losses. Earlier this year, sawfish made headlines again when NOAA Fisheries offered a reward of US$20,000 (~€18,462) for information leading to the identification of the individual(s) responsible for injuring and killing an endangered sawfish in the Florida Keys

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