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Great White Shark Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexiko - Photo by Gerald Schömbs at Unsplash

Shark Diving is no Longer Allowed On Isla Guadalupe

Tour operators and liveaboards are out of a job at midnight on January 10 since “all tourist operations, including film and TV projects at Isla Guadalupe,” have been forbidden. According…
Shark encounter in Durban, South Africa. Photo by Matt Waters

The Best Shark Dives In Asia

Interested in shark dives and thinking about diving in Asia? Check these top dive sites in Asia to scuba dive with these gracious mighty predators.

A couple Caribbean reef sharks hanging around on a dive in Grand Bahama - Photo By Alex Rose on Unsplash

Shark Diving: Thrilling Encounters

If you are interested in sharks, would like to learn more about them and what it is like to dive with them, then you should check out this article.

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