The eerie remains of Jake Sea Plane, a WWII relic resting peacefully in Palau's turquoise waters. - Photo by Milos Prelevic at Unsplash

The Top 7 Amazing Dive Sites In Palau

You can rest assured that there are plenty of amazing dive sites in Palau for you to enjoy. The tiny archipelagic nation, comprised of over 500 islands and islets, boasts…
Marsa Alam, Egypt - Photo by Sandro Gautier at Unsplash

5 Hidden Gems: Diving in the Red Sea

Discover the hidden underwater wonders of the Red Sea with our guide to Marsa Mubarak, Shab el Erg, Sha’ab Abu Nuhas, Abu Dabbab, and Elphinstone Reef.

Ready for your next scuba diving vacation? - Photo by annca at Pixabay

Scuba Diving Vacation: 10 Essential Items

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that DIVEMONDO may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links. As an Amazon Associate this website…
Scuba dive trip in Egypt - Photo by Michael Bernander at Unsplash

How To Plan Your Perfect Scuba Dive Trip

We all love planning vacations, especially dive trips. Whether you are looking for a close-to-home long weekend away or a once-in-a-lifetime liveaboard trip to distant shores, good planning is key…
Basking Shark - Photo by David Mark at Pixabay

The Best Shark Dives In Europe

For shark lovers living in Europe, you will be forgiven for thinking that your next shark diving holiday will involve a long-haul flight to the tropics. While it’s true that…
Scalloped Hammerheads Sharks @ Cocos Islands, Costa Rica - Photo by John Voo at Flickr

The Best Shark Dives In The Americas

Whether you are a new diver looking for your first shark encounter or a seasoned diver looking to dive with different species of sharks, the Americas are home to some…
Shark encounter in Durban, South Africa. Photo by Matt Waters

The Best Shark Dives In Asia

Interested in shark dives and thinking about diving in Asia? Check these top dive sites in Asia to scuba dive with these gracious mighty predators.

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