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water droplets on glass surface - Photo by MartinStr at pixabay

Seawater Is Used To Produce Eco-Friendly Hydrogen

In a groundbreaking experiment, a group of scientists from across the world was able to produce eco-friendly green hydrogen from saltwater without subjecting the water to any kind of pretreatment.…
Great White Shark Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexiko - Photo by Gerald Schömbs at Unsplash

Shark Diving is no Longer Allowed On Isla Guadalupe

Tour operators and liveaboards are out of a job at midnight on January 10 since “all tourist operations, including film and TV projects at Isla Guadalupe,” have been forbidden. According…

Scuba Diving Pioneer, Bob Hollis, Dies

  Bob Hollis, a pioneer in scuba diving, an underwater photographer, and an expert in dive equipment, died at age 85 on January 4 in Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded…

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