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Scuba dive trip in Egypt - Photo by Michael Bernander at Unsplash

How To Plan Your Perfect Scuba Dive Trip

We all love planning vacations, especially dive trips. Whether you are looking for a close-to-home long weekend away or a once-in-a-lifetime liveaboard trip to distant shores, good planning is key…
Diver filming a scuba diving movie - Photo by Ben Thompson at Flickr

Scuba Diving Movies: The 32 Best Underwater Films

Here is a collection of the finest scuba diving movies ever made, ranging from gripping underwater epics to Hollywood blockbusters containing stunning underwater sequences. Scuba diving, with its setting of…
Aqua Lung Explorer II Duffel Pack Dive Bag. A great choice for your travel scuba gear - Photo by Aqua Lung Promotional Image at Twitter

The Best Travel Scuba Gear

Looking for great travel scuba gear? Here are some top picks, so you don’t have to worry about fitting all that dive gear on the plane.

Student performing a buoyancy test while instructor checks if everyting is OK - Photo By Laya Clode on Unsplash

How to Get your Scuba diving Certification

Thinking of getting your scuba diving certification, but you are overwhelmed with so much new information? Stay with us, and learn how to become a scuba diver.

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