Boat Catches Fire in Southern Thailand

Sea World One on fire near Thap Lamu pier (Kamara One)

Boat Catches Fire in Southern Thailand

In a dramatic event early this April, the Sea World I, a popular diving liveaboard, was engulfed in flames while docked at Thap Lamu pier, a key gateway to the Similan Islands, located near Khao Lak in Phang Nga province, southern Thailand. The incident occurred on the 2nd of April with only one crew member aboard, who fortunately escaped unharmed by leaping into the water. The fire, the cause of which remains undetermined, took about an hour to be extinguished by firefighters and naval personnel.

Sea World I, designed to accommodate 18 people in nine cabins, primarily operated in the Similans, Surin, Phi-Phi, and Burma’s Mergui Archipelago. The boat is part of the fleet of A-One Diving, a company established in 1999. This incident has raised concerns about the safety measures on such vessels, crucial for the thriving dive tourism in the region.

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