About Us

Who We Are

Divemondo is a website dedicated to simplifying the world of diving, seeking to inspire more and more people to explore and enjoy this fascinating activity. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and accessible information about scuba diving, in order to encourage both practitioners and those who want to experience this unique experience.

In addition to offering detailed content about diving, we are dedicated to sharing information related to the aquatic universe as a whole. For those who do not practice or do not have a specific interest in diving, we present tourist destinations that can be enjoyed by non-divers, information about marine life and current events related to aquatic environments.

Our mission is to demystify diving and awaken people’s curiosity, allowing them to explore the fascination of the aquatic world in an uncomplicated and engaging way. We believe that sharing knowledge and promoting understanding of aquatic ecosystems is essential for preserving these environments and raising awareness of their importance.

Our vision is to become a reference for information related to diving and the aquatic world, helping to expand the community of enthusiasts and people interested in these topics.